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Wealth Management


Our core tenet is to align your portfolio's risk-adjusted returns with your long-term objectives, taking into consideration your current or potential tax exposure. With this as our overarching guide, our investment philosophy is built upon three fundamental components which have distinct roles but are aligned to complement each other. This, in turn, makes it easier to understand their role and our expectations from each strategy.

Investing Evolved clarifies the role that each strategy will play in your portfolio, and helps you understand the performance that each delivers. This unique approach was developed to allow more equity exposure in your portfolio which will help get you closer to your financial goals, along with successful risk management techniques that are designed to provide a steadier experience during time of market stress.

Core Equities

Broad market equity exposure focusing on:

  • Capital appreciation
  • Outpace inflation
  • Alpha: Active Management
  • Beta: Passive Management

Fixed Income

Diversified fixed income focusing on:

  • Equity diversification
  • Income generation
  • Keep pace with inflation
  • Capital preservation


Tactical money management designed for:

  • Enhanced Returns: Our risk-on managers take advantage of alpha opportunities.
  • Limit Loss: Our risk-off managers limit their market exposure during extended drawbacks. 


Disciplined Investing

As your advisors, we focus on building disciplined accumulation strategies, regular rebalancing and preventing emotional mistakes.

Tax-Loss Harvesting

Harvesting losses during high-income years to offset capital gains or income thus reducing your taxes whenever possible. 


Creating tax-efficient portfolios as part of our tax-bracket management in wealth accumulation and distribution phases.

Income Distributions

Optimizing portfolio distributions across tax-free, tax-preferred and tax-inefficient portfolios can greatly impact the longevity of your life savings. 

Legacy Planning

Strategies to provide the most tax-efficient methods of wealth transfer to heirs or charitable organizations.