"Jeff is a dedicated financial planner who deeply listens to the needs of each client.  He analyzes the clients’ immediate and long term financial situations to determine risk, reward and opportunity.  Jeff’s knowledge, calm disposition and professionalism communicates confidence in his interactions and client relationships."

-Brett Bissell, CLU, ChFC, CFP 

Wealth Management Advisor

My husband and I recently began a small business in Orange County, and with a growing family, we are trying to make as many right decisions as possible in both our personal and business lives. These decisions included how much we need to save for our family, how much to pay ourselves, what to invest into the business for growth, etc. Balancing and organizing all the questions and opportunities would not have been possible without Jeff’s services. Another distinguishing pillar to his work, is valuing all of this clients as if they were all millionaires. While we are not generating that level of revenue in our business yet , he believes in our work and our personal and business goals and has given us the most professional and in-depth services. WE are so grateful for Atlas Financial Plans”

-Dr. Patrick & Tiffany Everett 

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