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2022 Tax Guide

2022 Tax Guide

January 26, 2022
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Your 2022 Tax Guide

As the new year kicks off, the first big financial hurdle is tax season. For some, tax season can best be described as painful or, at the very least, uncomfortable. As regular as tax-filing is, it can still give us that pit in our stomachs. Did I withhold enough? Do we qualify for the same credits? Am I going to owe anything this year? All valid concerns. As you begin to accumulate your tax documents over the next few months, here is your 2022 Tax Guide to help get you through the process. 

For some, filing their own taxes is a no-brainer, "our situation is simple, we don't need a CPA" and I completely understand. However, if doing your own taxes has become uncomfortable or if you're at a point where you find yourself wondering if you're missing something, now might be a good time to work with a competent tax advisor. Reach out and let me help you find the right CPA. The investment in their services could mean substantial tax savings.